What is HobbyScribe?

HobbyScribe is an online hobby diary for tracking your painting progress and mini completion.

HobbyScribe screenshot of adding a log entry

Log it

Add entries to your paint log with a short description of what you’ve been working on, how many minis you’ve completed (you can log WIPs by selecting zero) and the date of the log entry.

HobbyScribe screenshot of the datepicker

View by date range

Can’t remember what you did last week? Now you don’t have to.

HobbyScribe screenshot of a sexy chart


Everyone loves a good chart. Your log screen shows you the minis you’ve completed in the selected date range. Great for spotting trends in your painting habits.

HobbyScribe screenshot of some images being uploaded

Your photos

Upload up to 3 images per log entry.

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Sharing is caring!

Share your log entries to any social media account you want.
As long as it’s Twitter. For now.

Twitter bird


Your profile shows your last 30 days activity to the WORLD.

But, mainly to people looking at HobbyScribe.

You can turn it off if you'd like to keep things to yourself.